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There are situations in our life when you need to hire a killer or order a killer. That is, to somehow physically deal with people you dislike (kill your lover, kill your wife or husband, remove a competitor). To solve such tasks as elimination, intimidation or humiliation of your offenders in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries, you can contact us by mail or telegrams. There is also travel to other countries for a surcharge. We guarantee high quality performance of the task.

As real practice shows, nothing will save a person, not any security, law, police, personal protective equipment. If there is already a “order for murder, then the person is doomed to die.

Important! If you really have a goal to kill a person and find a hired killer for this case, then you should read the following text very carefully. Read everything that is written very carefully and thoughtfully, as it is only in your interests. Next, everything that is required for a successful "order" will be described. When communicating with me, you will understand that right now you are communicating with the person who actually provides services of this kind. After reading the instructions, the safe communication methods will be outlined. After you decide to hire a killer for a person, a large number of questions immediately arise. First of all, it is, of course, your own safety. Without paying due attention to this, you can end up in the dock or even yourself at gunpoint. It is recommended to leave a minimum of information about yourself, not to pay anything from personal accounts, not to give your data, not to talk about your place of residence, position, marital status. The complete lack of information about you is the key to success. Fortunately, today, you can easily pay for such services in various anonymous ways. If you do not know about them, I will tell you everything and show that I actually fulfill such orders. Let's go ...

Basic knowledge. Hire a killer, order a killer

Even if you are not ordering such a service from me, I recommend reading the following rules several times, but it is better to remember them altogether. Thanks to these rules, you will avoid getting into the dock:

  1. Never tell or write to anyone that you need an assassin. Any social networks, vkontakte, facebook, instagram, forums, etc. None of these services will give you anonymity, even if you are not writing under your own name;
  2. Never work with emails in which all emails are checked and read by artificial intelligence;
  3. Use only anonymous communication methods. For example tutanota.de. on this service, all correspondence is encrypted by the server itself and is permanently deleted. Another, but less anonymous and secure communication service is telegram.
  4. use only anonymous payment methods. Never post a payment from your bank account or relatives' account. Most services are not suitable. I will tell you about the secure payment method in personal correspondence;
  5. You should never meet with anyone in person. First of all, it is not safe, you may be blackmailed or even caught and imprisoned for a long time. There are no exceptions. Never go to personal meetings.
After you have read the basic rules and have an idea of ​​what I am doing, you can talk about communication. First of all, you will need to register an anonymous mailbox on the tutanota.de service. If you have any problems with registration, you can write to me from any other account, I will help you figure it out. You can also register a telegram, which is also suitable for this case.

Why is the tutanota.de mail?

Quote from tutanota.de: Tutanota automatically encrypts all data on your device. Your letters, as well as your contacts, will remain confidential. You can easily chat with any of your friends end-to-end encrypted. Even the subject and attachments will be encrypted too. I note right away that the service stores all passwords in an encrypted form, that is, there is no way to recover it. I recommend not to lose passwords. Do not use a password that is easy to guess, such as date of birth, cat name, etc. To generate a password, use special services, of which there are a lot on the Internet.

Why Telegram?

  1. When creating a secret chat, all correspondence is automatically encrypted;
  2. Free;
  3. Registration in less than a minute;
  4. Fast and convenient.
Surely all over your city there are graffiti that reads from the @ symbol - these are the addresses of telegram channels or chats where various substances are sold. That is, the service works correctly.

Telegram When you go, use only the link, otherwise, there is a high probability of getting into a fake. Be very careful when entering the search box, a small mistake may lead you to a completely different person.

Order. Reasons.

From my practice, I can single out only three reasons why people order such services:

  1. Resentment. A person's feelings were hurt to such an extent that he decides to take revenge in this way;
  2. Benefit. Material exit is also a fairly common reason, since we are all greedy and materialistic;
  3. Both reasons. When both resentment and profit become the motive, then the offender simply has no chance of salvation.
Every order from my practice has one of these reasons. Often, orders come from people whose feelings were hurt: there was a betrayal of a spouse. Often some friends or acquaintances borrow a large amount of money and do not return it, I want to teach a lesson. Self-interest is also a very common phenomenon, for example, when a large inheritance is at stake, or when a business partner does not agree to some conditions. But when two factors become the cause at once, in such situations it will be difficult for the offender to get away from the court and the person will definitely reach his goal by any means.

Order killing yourself

Sometimes people turn to people who, as a result of some life difficulties, order the murder of themselves. Here are some reasons:

As world practice and experience show, it is not uncommon for suicide attempts to lead to severe trauma and even greater suffering. Thus, the second attempt may become impossible and the person will suffer until the end of his days lying on a bed or in a wheelchair. In no case should you do it yourself. We will do everything quickly and painlessly. These are two main principles of our work. So all the basic and basic information that you should know if you order a killer, hire a killer has come to an end. Further communication will take place in person in correspondence.

Contract murder price from $15,000 Beating from $2,000 Removal to the forest for conversations or partial burial in a grave (then dig it out) from $5,000 setting fire to property from $1,000. We are also looking for performers around the world! After passing a simple check, you can work with us. Our mail: Sindicate@sec-mail.ru

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